Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Classes

Just finished teaching a Final Cut Pro 200 class at Harvard University and a Sound Track Pro class at NOVAC in New Orleans. Here is a comment from one of my students:

Hey Beau,

I really learned a lot in your sound class. Thanks so much for your time and for answering all my crazy questions. I love the idea of nesting sequences within FCP and having a master sequence for the whole movie that updates when I make changes to the sequences within that master file. This can definitely work where each scene is a new sequence. I just had one question about that.

We have several scenes where the music or dialogue from one scene bleeds into the next. This has been a great way to connect the scenes, and to keep people engaged from one scene to the next. Can you do this with the sequences? Can audio bleed from one sequence to the next like that?

Thanks again for all your help.


Helen Krieger


thanks for the nice comments! 

Yes, you can have a music bed transition from one sequence to another.  Just set your music on separate tracks underneath your sequences.  You can then nest all the clips in a sequence excluding the music bed (select all clips except the music clips, Sequence >Nest Items).  That way you can have several sequences on top of a single music bed. 

At some point I would still look for a break point in your movie.  It can be when there is a fade to black, or the beginning of some other scene.  There is usually always a break point you can use as your sequence end.

Finally, I would nest everything into one large 'Output' sequence, which will give you more control over the whole movie at once, say of for example if you want to put a letterbox on it or something.

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