Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Cut Pro Certification Level 2

"(...)The second course I had the privilege to enjoy was Final Cut Pro Level 2, helmed by a well-seasoned veteran of video editing dating back decades. Beau Tardy’s impressive list of clients and former employers read like a who’s who of high-profile power players in the entertainment industry. With this kind of experience, one might expect a gruff and short temperament but Beau was welcoming and demonstrated a bright disposition. Beau also saw fit to share his website with students and I intend to utilize this valuable resource to the fullest. Being in Beau’s class as he provided his insights and lessons was worth much more than the tuition price. If DMAs goal is to continue to turn out graduates who are prepared for the industry, it is imperative that you retain Beau’s services, as his experience and attention to detail are exceptional models for aspiring editors. Beau’s remarkable combination of proficiency and approachability are one of DMA’s most viable assets and will maintain the organization’s cutting edge in regard to professional training."

Thanks to Mike Foster of Austin, TX.

As a recently minted Level 2 Final Cut Pro Trainer, I have been very busy this summer traveling around to different training centers and meeting great people along the way. In June I had the chance to teach at Future Media Concepts in Boston (thanks Keri!). Then in July I taught for Digital Media Academy in Austin at the University of Texas (photos). We had a fun class and a good all around experience. I would like to thank Scott Hall at DMA Austin for making it all work out. The facilities were excellent and the students were highly motivated.

Additionally I taught two classes at U Penn in Philadelphia, Final Cut Pro Level 1 & 2. Again the students were motivated and eager to know more about editing with FCP. I would like to thank Dave Livingston of DMA for organizing the classes and providing us with backup support.

Finally, I recently taught Paula Costlow, the TV Production teacher at Basking Ridge High School in New Jersey (a beautiful school by the way!) She was keen on learning the ins and outs of media management in Final Cut Pro, which is a subject I like to focus on because I believe it is probably the area most overlooked.

In September I will most likely be teaching at Future Media Concepts in Philadelphia and possible Washington, DC. If you are interested in Apple Certified classes by all means get in touch with the FMC in your area and be sure to mention my name!

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