Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bronze Telly Award


I am very happy and proud to announce I have just won my second Telly Award for editing on Reebok, Old Orchard Beach.  This was a big project which involved logging 35 hours of footage shot in 4 American cities.  I had 3 assistant editors help with ingest, logging and selecting the footage.  Wrangling all the footage and all the moving parts was a big challenge which took advanced media management skills.  Another technical tour de force involved seamlessly matching into footage sourced in different formats.  I cut a 28 min. mockumentary for Reebok that included interviews of over 20 people.  After cutting the long form piece, the client requested a 'hotmix' or 3 min. trailer, which you can view here on Vimeo.

The video was produced by David Wales at Ministry Of Culture and was written and directed by David Wales and Mara Marich of Aquarium Creative Agency.

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