Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Motion Graphics Book

Pause :59 Minutes Of Motion Graphics is a book that features some of the great work we did at Dizzy Worldwide. Although the book came out several years ago, I never really got the opportunity to promote it. I recently checked and it is still available at Amazon ( we do not get royalties from the sale of this book, it was written by Julie Hirschfeld and published by Universe). In it are highlights of the Agent X campaign we did for the launch of MTV 2. You can still view videos of the spots at dizzyworldwide.com.

The spots were shot in London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. The design work was done by the well known Designers Republic under our direction. This was the very first time they had worked for TV. We had previously hired the Designers Republic to design the Dizzy The Cat logo and were waiting for the right opportunity to work with them again (we also worked with them on the packaging of the MTV show Megadose). They designed a great Dizzy The Cat poster for us too, that you can still get at the Dizzyshop.

The whole thing was edited on Media 100 which was pushing the envelope at the time. We decided to go all digital which at the time made many people nervous. We pulled it off and I continue to enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is expected, just check out my Robot spots.

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