Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ministry Of Culture, Ableton, Princeton TV30

Hey Beau,

Thanks so much for putting in a stellar effort here! We will certainly keep you in mind for any and all future video production tasks at Ableton, Inc. and Ableton AG.

David Cross
Public Media Coordinator

It certainly feels good to have a satisfied client. Working with the folks at Ableton was a pleasure. It was a bonus to work for a bunch of great creative people. Thanks Ableton!

Currently I am editing a piece for Ministry Of Culture, more on that later.

I just finished giving an introduction to FCP class at Community TV 30 in Princeton, NJ. By all accounts it went well and it was fun to see people learn how to edit more efficiently. I sometimes direct live TV shows at TV30. You can view them here.

I am now officially re-certified to train Final Cut Pro 6, and therefor I can use this logo:

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