Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Summer update

Last week I passed the Apple Pro Certification Exam for Final Cut Pro 5. This exam was fairly tough and was conducted on the third day of a crash course on everything Final Cut Pro 5. I learned all the commands, features and keyboard shortcuts. I would estimate that less than one third of the class passed. The course was given during DVExpo East in New York and was conducted by Diana Weynand ( and Mary Plummer ( We covered all the features of Final Cut Pro 5 including advanced editing, compositing, color correction and signal analysis.

I have been using Final Cut Pro for over a year and along with this certification I feel pretty confident that my proficiency has greatly improved. Currently I am putting together 3 promo spots for RCN's new "Mach 10" broadband service using 3D animation, multilayer compositing, animated backgrounds and type effects.

I use a ridiculous amount of different programs to create my animation and effects elements and Final Cut Pro gives me the power to bring all of them together so that I can deliver a professional SD or HD product.

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